White wedding gown fitting trial at the boutique

couture Process

Bridal Gowns

We understand the special place that a wedding gown holds in every bride’s heart and therefore leave no stone unturned to ensure that every detail of the dress is perfect

We are a one-stop destination for customized bridal gowns in Bangalore and seasoned designers at the Boutique will aid and advise you throughout the gown’s stitching and fitting process. Here is a low-down of what the couture process for a wedding gown typically entails and how you can participate in the same for the most spectacular outcome

Step1. Finalizing the Design

The first step of the couture process is determining the base design of the bridal gown. You can share any designs that you may have collected to create your vision board – to give us an idea of your style & preferences. You could also seek inspirations from our design boards – a hand-picked curated selection of latest designs from bridal designers across the world

Based on the design elements that appeal the most to you, our designers will now start with a blank canvas and individualize every single detail of your dream dress as below

01    Silhouette

Choosing the right silhouette that is the most flattering for your curves

02    Neckline

Careful selection of Front & back necklines for the best closeup-pictures

Hand drawn sketch of a wedding gown design

03    Sleeve & Shoulder

Elevating the style of your dress with the right sleeve & shoulder choices

04    Waistline

Want to look taller or shorter, slimmer or curvier? Pick the right waistline!

Sketch of a bride wearing her wedding dress with a long train

05      Hemline & Train

Hem length, train & flare needs to be flattering for your height and frame

Hand sketched frontal view of a bride in a wedding dress

06    Embellishments

Enhance the beauty of the gown with embellishments, embroidery & overlays

Step2. Choosing the Fabric and Construction Details

Fabric selection is crucial for the gown as different fabrics will impart a different look and fall to the same design. Some fabrics have a glossy sheen to them while others do not impart any lustre to the gown

The design & fabric selection of a bridal gown typically goes hand-in hand & is often an iterative process. Our designer will help you make the right choices for each element of your gown design

Gown design being matched with blush pale fabric swatch

Base Fabrics & Colours

A combination of fabrics are typically used in the construction of the gown. Structured or stiffer fabrics impart the desired shape to the gown and Soft fabrics are used as an overlay, to impart a delicate finish to the outfit

We will help you select a fabric that is weather appropriate and is suitable for the silhouette of the gown. You could select any colours of your choice while the designer aids you with the current trends of the season. We’ve many fabric procurement, dyeing and printing options available at our boutique

Lining Selection

A designer examining the stitch of inner lining of a gown dress

A lining is a fabric attached as an inner layer to the gown to help improve the gown’s structure and to make it more comfortable for the wearer by preventing contact with the rougher outer fabric of the gown design

Even though a gown’s lining is rarely visible, choosing a substandard material for the lining to cut costs will ruin the visual appeal and comfort of the gown. Therefore, we will recommend you some sturdy materials for the lining, such as high-quality satin

Use of Can-can