Tips to Choose the Right Fabric & Colour for your Gown

Your dream gown will come to life only if you pick the right fabric & colour for the occasion and silhouette. Fret not! Here’s our guide to help you out
gown dresses in various fabric types

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Do you have a dream design for a stunning gown in mind which you wish to bring to life? Translating what you have envisioned into a gorgeous gown will require a number of steps. Choosing the right silhouette or shape for your gown is just one part of the design process, careful selection of the perfect fabric and colour is what will ensure that the gown holds the desired shape well and is suitable for the occasion at hand. Be it wedding gowns or party wear gowns, here are some tips on how to pick the perfect fabric and colour to complement the gown style and make you look your very best for the event

Commonly Used Gown Fabrics and the Gown Styles they Pair Well With

Fabric selection is a crucial step of the gown making process because different fabrics will impart a different look and fall to the same gown. Some fabrics have a glossy sheen to them while others do not impart any lustre to the gown. Similarly, some fabrics are stiff and structured whereas others are soft and flowy, thereby making them more suitable for specific silhouettes. A combination of fabrics can also be used in the construction of the gown, wherein a stiffer fabric is used to impart the desired shape to the gown and a softer fabric is used as an overlay, to impart a delicate finish to the outfit.

Once you have selected the silhouette for your gown as per the occasion and your body type , you can choose the fabric that is most suitable for that silhouette accordingly. Here is an overview of the properties of different fabrics to help you make the right choice as per the look you are planning to achieve

Structured Fabrics

1. Satin

A white gown design using satin fabric

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Satin is a structured fabric with a glossy finish that adds movement to the gown. It is a popular choice for both bridal gowns as well as party wear gowns for formal events because of its lustre. This fabric pairs well with an A-line or ball gown silhouette and is more suitable for cooler weather because it is quite heavy

2. Crepe

A model wearing a white gown made from crepe fabric

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A fabric that can be shaped with ease, Crepe is known for its crinkled, matte finish and flowy nature. French Crepe is often used in evening gowns because it holds its shape well despite being lightweight. This fabric adds an elegant, feminine touch to the garment and is extremely comfortable to wear

3. Charmeuse

2 Models showcase party gowns made from the Charmeuse fabric

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Charmeuse is a light-weight fabric with a rich sheen that adds a hint of glamour to the outfit. This fabric looks similar to satin and can be used for making elegant mermaid and trumpet gowns. Thanks to the beautiful fall and marvelous shine of the fabric, it is an ideal candidate for formal events and is often used in bridesmaids gowns

4. Velvet

off shoulder dark green gown dress made in shimmery velvet

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Velvet is a strong fabric that imparts a rich sheen to the outfit, making it the perfect choice for Indian evening gowns. It provides an elegant drape to the gown and is ideal for mermaid and sheath silhouettes because it hugs the body in a flattering manner. If you plan to look regal for an upcoming event then velvet should be the fabric of choice for you

5. Brocade

Modern style wedding gown with deep v neck made for a bride

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Brocade is a stiff fabric with a jacquard weave which can be identified by the raised design on the fabric. This fabric has an elegant and rich finish and is perfect for Indian wedding gowns, especially for the colder months. Brocade is often used to impart structure and stiffness to fuller skirts

Soft Fabrics

1. Chiffon

White gown design with illusion neck. Made with chiffon & net fabric

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Chiffon is a light-weight, sheer fabric without a sheen. It is easy to move around in and is perfect for daytime events. This fabric pairs well with a flowy A-line silhouette and is an ideal candidate for summer wedding dresses. If a soft, feminine look is what you have in mind then this is the right fabric for you

2. Lace or Net Fabric

A delicate and detailed white wedding gown design

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Lace is often used as an overlay in wedding gowns to add a vintage and feminine feel to the outfit. Sheer netting and lace are also used to create illusion necklines and sleeves. Lace comes in different weaves, such as Chantilly and Eyelet, and each weave imparts a different look to the garment

3. Organza

A tube gown design in white for a bride

Source: Wedding Wire

Organza is a fine fabric which looks similar to chiffon but has a slight sheen. It is also stiffer than chiffon and is often used to add volume to ball gowns. This fabric comes in handy for creating fuller skirts, gown trains, as well as wedding veils

Other Fabrics

Apart from the commonly used fabrics as above, there are many other fabrics that can be used in a gown design. Listed below are some of them. You can also refer to this article by for more information on all kinds of fabrics that can be used

1. Georgette

A white gown design without straps or sleeves

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Georgette is a sheer and flowy fabric with a crinkled texture and no sheen. It is used for creating wedding dress overlays and floaty evening gowns. This fabric has a bouncy nature which imparts a fun but feminine look to the outfit but its matte finish makes it less suitable for party wear gowns

2. Taffeta

A knee length sleeveless gown with v neckline

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