Wedding Dresses & Essentials: The Modern Indian Bride

Getting Married Soon & worried about what to shop for? Don't miss these Must Have Essentials List, before you head out shopping
Bridal Lehenga Choli, Wedding Saree Blouse & Lehenga Blouse

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Its bridal season again & top most worry for many of our bridal customers to the boutique is: How much shopping to do, in so less time!

And, whether or not the shopping list is complete? Have I included everything that I will need?

I’ve compiled a few essentials below, based on my interactions with the Brides this season.. Hope this helps others also who are planning to tie the knot this season.. Do comment, if I’ve missed anything!

So let’s start with Footwear:

The biggest problem here is waiting for the costumes to be ready, so that matching shoes can be purchased. Given the time it takes for the wedding dresses, this is often a hurried buy at the end.

High Heel Shoes are a must have for the bride

Instead you could probably look at buying common colours, such as Black, Red & golden which will typically go well with most kind of dresses

While I’m sure you will take trendy heels, but do not forget to have a couple of flats for casual wear also

Flat shoes as part of Bridal Footwear

Bags/ Clutches: The Most Important Bridal Accessory

Your Handbags deliver your style statement & at the same time are very essential accessory to carry different things a new bride would need. Again there’s a similar problem as with Footwear – they need to match with the bridal dresses..

Matching Bags & Clutches for the Bridal ensemble

Two suggestions here –

  • Buy common colours such as Black, Gold, Silver, Red that goes well with both Indian & Western Bridal or Party outfits
  • Ask your boutique to create a matching accessory for you, which could also be personalized. For e.g. at Lavender, The Boutique we create trendy bridal bags & use stylish embroidery to do name – engraving of the couple

Choosing the right Lingerie

Do ensure that the Lingerie is comfortable to wear – it could become very difficult otherwise, with those heavy bridal outfits. It should also enhance the look for your wedding dress(es)..

For casuals, buy a couple of support Bras. For Gown / Blouses you may buy push-up Bras

Again, your boutique may suggest the type of inner-wear that will go well with a particular costume.. Better still, if you can take your dress trial with the Lingerie you would wear it with

Pre-Wedding & After Party Wedding Costumes:

Here, I will not talk about the costumes for the various wedding functions – will probably need a full blog post for that!

But what are the other pre-wedding / After party wedding essentials to pack with you? Here are some tips

Deep Neck Saree Blouse typically needed as part of bridal wear

Deep Neck Blouses: Very essential. And very Trendy in this season – especially Deep & Broad neck cutting styles like Sweetheart neck or the simple round neck

A Designer Boutique could be the best destination to get suggestion on styles that match your personal style & your body type

For Post wedding parties, get some Gown, Long Kurta’s, Trendy Palazzo & maybe a couple of gorgeous Anarkali’s.. Have compiled a couple of ideas below

Wedding dresses for evening parties from the boutique

For Sarees, would recommend that you select the traditional ones – they always give the classy look to the Bride. Ask your boutique to enhance the look with some gorgeous embroidery on the Blouse – just the blouse alone can completely change the look of the attire

Bridal Saree Blouses with heavy handwork embroidery

For Honeymoon, pack a couple of nice comfortable denims to go with your stylish sun glasses and a trendy shoulder bag

And do not forget to include a nice swim-wear for your most enjoyable holiday of life 🙂

Sexy Honeymoon dress option
Little Black Evening Dress from the boutique

Last, but not the least, the ‘Little Black Dress’ for that private Candle Light Dinners

Buy Contemporary Jewellery (mostly):

Jewellery has been a significant adornment for Indian bride since ages. But make sure that yours match the current times!

Do not invest into too much of traditional type ornaments. If you must, take just 1 or 2 pairs of traditional jewellery only. Post marriage you would hardly have any occasion to wear them

Traditional wedding Saree and Blouse with traditional jewellery
statement jewellery is the trend now for brides

Rather buy modern/ contemporary styles that would go well with Indian as well as Western dresses

The trend these days is to go for “Statement Jewellery” – allowing women to step out of the mundane and define themselves as unique, confident, passionate, and interesting people. You could probably choose a big stylish piece of finger ring or ear ring that underlines your style statement

Prepare an additional Make-up Kit

Remember, you will not be able to carry the entire Make-up Kit all the time

So prepare an additional basic make-up kit also which may include a couple of basic but high-quality Lip Colours, eye liner, eye pencil & a makeup compact pack that suits your skin tone

Hope you find this assemblage useful

Do post your comments & if there’s anything else that I may have missed..

Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta

Founder & Lead Designer at Lavender, The Boutique

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