#5 Fashion Dress Trends for Summer 2017

Here are some cool tips for Summer 2017 - inspired from International Fashion Trends & suitably amended for the Indian environment
Fashion Designers collections for Spring Summer 2017 in Amazon Fashion Week

Image Source: http://www.soulbyweekly.com

#1 Fabric

Select Fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and thus keeps the body cool. Fabrics made of natural Fibre work best. For e.g. Cotton & its variants such as Linen, Rayon, Khadi.. Or ‘Flowy’ Fabric variants of silk Chiffon & Georgette.. This trend is very clearly coming out the from the fashion events in the west this year.. and is equally relevant for India..

Rayon, Linen, Organza, Net & Tule fabrics at the boutique store

Images Sources: Stitch Fix Style, ar.aliexpress.com, inshorts.com

#2 Prints

Textile Prints are being more popular this season instead of Embellishments & Embroidery.. Rightfully so, as a heavy garment does reduce the ‘breathing space’ for the fabric & the body.. From large prints, to monochorme prints to trendy digital prints are good choices for the season

#3 Loosely Fitted Styles

Quite obviously, Tight fitting Clothes neither allow the heat to come out of your body nor lets air to flow through them. Your skin needs lot of cool air and hence loosely fitting styles such as knee length skirts, loose sleeved tops and loose cotton trousers are the best options. Trendy outfits could include maxi dress, Palazzo, Kaftans

Maxi Fashion Dress and Crop Top with Long skirt designed and stitched at the boutique

Images Sources: Simon Morris UK, Mirraw

#4 Sleeved Dress

Contrary to the general belief & in contrast to International trends, it is better to avoid Sleeveless Dresses in Indian summer to prevent skin tan/ sun-burn.. Yes, I know sleeveless in summer offers far more comfort, but avoid it whenever you would be exposed to the sun – evenings would be better for sleeveless..

#5 Colours in Trend for 2017

Pantone has announced a green shade (called “Greenery”) as colour of the Year for 2017. Internationally, as well as in India, Natural Green colours will dominate Summers in 2017. Likewise Soothing yellow & Earthy Colours are in great vogue.. Attaching some colour palettes below for inspiration

Designer Wear for Women for the summers
Custom Made Womens Summer Dresses
womens dresses and colours suitable for summer

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Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta

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