A Fashion Designer’s perspective to Plus Size Dresses

Plus Size women can look very beautiful, provided you make right clothing choices & have a precise, personalized fit. Here's how to go about it.
Fashionable dresses on many plus size women

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Fashion is probably something that keeps a lady driving. However, when you are a plus size women, things are little different. This doesn’t mean you don’t like fashion? Ah Ah!! The craving for fashion trends remain the same but most of the time, you have to go on a diet. Why, because either there is lack of fashion clothes in the market or you are too conscious to embrace the latest trends, just because you are a PLUS SIZE WOMAN!!

If this is why you are not wearing the best of the clothes, it is time to change. Fashion never discriminates; it is crafted for every body type and you, as a plus size woman, must get your share of fashion & style.

Sadly, not everybody is lucky to have an expert with them to help them pick a perfect dress or style a wardrobe that matches to their plus size fashion needs. If you are one of those plus size women struggling to keep pace with the trendy world, we are here to help you out. This post is dedicated to plus size clothing tips and ideas, but, before we jump to the topic, it is important to debunk some myths about plus size women clothing:

5 plus size fashion clothing myths that must be debunked today

Myth #1: Fitted Clothes Aren’t For You

Now whoever said that haven’t seen a plus size women wearing a fitted dress complementing her curves. They also say that in fitted cloth your body tends to look bigger. Not At All. In fact, if you wear a loose top, your body appears two folds bigger. With right shape, size and details you can wear a dress that accentuates the curves of your body to perfection

A perfectly fitting single piece dress on a plus size woman

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Dark Red Maxi Dress worn by a Plus Size Woman

Myth #2: You can’t wear too long or too short clothing

Another popular myth about plus size clothing.You are open to wearing as long and as short clothes that suit your particular body type. Plus size women have different measurements. If you have heavy thighs, you can wear a dress that falls below the knees, but on the contrary, if you have an overall broad dress but a narrow upper body, why not enjoy a classic maxi dress to flaunt that sexy body

Myth #3: Stripes will kill your look

This is way too much. If you maintain distance with stripes because you are curvy, you cannot do more harm to yourself. Pick the right size stripes and doll up in a trendy and smart stripped outfit. Just like normal fashion rule, the horizontal and vertical strip rule applies to curvy clothing fashion too. If you have a heavy bottom and slimmer upper body, choose horizontal stripes for the base and vice versa. An expert at the plus size store can help you pick the best match for your body

Black and Beige Stripes on a single piece dress on a plus size woman
Denim Jeans and a casual top on a plus size woman

Myth #4: Skinny jeans and thigh tight dresses make you look broader

Here again, the proportion is the key. You can wear skinny jeans and thigh tight dresses till the time you pick proportionate clothing option. We recommend picking dark color jeans and pairing it with a classic blouse

Myth #5: Only all-black ensemble is your friend

Undoubtedly black color gives a slimming effect but that does not limit your option. However, it is also a color linked with sadness and depression. You cannot wear black every time. That will be too stereotypical. Try colors and play with them to make a dress that flatters your curves.
Now that you have an open mind to embrace awesome fashion trends for a curvy body, let us give you some style tips and ideas

Women in Blue color Plus size clothing - formal wear as well as casual wear

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Curvy body fashion & style tips:

Hope you are ready to try some hot and trendy clothes that make you look magnificent. Here we have penned down a few style tips for plus size woman that will flatter your curves and give you the confidence to walk the street in the latest fashion dress

Be bold and pick what you choose

First of all, shed all the inhibitions and get ready to embrace fashion and style. Do not keep yourself hidden, your body is amazing and worth a show. However, make sure you embrace styles and look fab that is the best match to your body. Neither too tight nor extremely loose clothing would make you look perfect. Instead, you have to choose a fit and style that accentuates your body. For example, while a loose blouse and a pencil skirt will look awesome on a lady with a heavy bust, a more fitted blouse and a flair skirt are perfect for a lady with a narrow upper body and heavy bottom

Skirt blouse combinations for plus size women

Pick best for your individual curvy body

Just like we said in the previous point, pick clothes that suit your individual body type. You cannot copy someone. Something that looks fab on someone might not look that flattering on you. Instead of making a style statement, you will end up embarrassing yourself. So, be your own style icon and wear what suits you the most

Plus Size Dresses that suits individual body types

Image Source: Carey Fashion

Learn curvy body mix and match secrets

Just like people with a lighter body than you, there are mix and match rules for you as well. Moreover, not every time you have a budget to splurge on a new dress. So, why not learn some mix and match secrets that allow you to revamp your old wardrobe and look ravishing. Match a skirt with a blouse and accessories it with a scarf, you will see how mixing can bring out the fashion master in you

Some Mix and match clothing ideas for Plus Size Women

Image Source: Divine Lifestyle

Pay equal importance to necklines

Enough talking about fitting, let us now discuss about necklines. Necklines, designs and sleeves play important role in making or destroying your looks. With right choices, you can enhance the look and impress yourself and others. V necklines are the best suited for heavy busted women, while boat necks are your enemy. Similarly, wearing sleeveless blouses make your arms look slimmer just like 3/4th sleeves do

Variety of necklines that Plus Size Women can Fashionably wear

Image Source: www.gorgeautiful.com

Bodycon dress examples for Plus size women

Image Source: Style with Curves

Be experimenting and show as much skin as you are comfortable with

Fashion isn’t always about showing your skin. You can look fab even when you are fully covered. The fashion mantra is “Comfort before Style.” This means no matter you wear a short dress or a maxi dress or a traditional Indian attire, show or hide your body to the limit where you feel comfortable. As long as you are comfortable, you are stylish and fashion savvy

The crux of the entire preaching is that till the time you have right styled and tailored clothes, you can rock any fashion trend. Till the time you are wearing clothes that complement your body, you are the biggest fashion icon. The regular plus size stores won’t help you with a flattering dress, you need something the makes you look the best in the way you are, naturally.

The best way to get yourself the most stylish plus size clothes is connecting with good designer. They understand your fitting & finish requirements pretty well, and make you best plus size dresses for your type of curvy body

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Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta

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