Perfect Fit Saree Blouse Stitching

Most important thing in a saree blouse is its Fit. A well fitted blouse makes your sari look much better and makes you feel more confident. How to get one?
Bollywood actresses & celebrity fashion shows with perfectly fitting saree blouse

I know it sounds cliché & you are already thinking of the innumerable times you’ve tried different styles & different tailors – not only in the city you live, but also in your hometown at your mother’s favourite tailor. None so far, has been able to create that masterpiece that fits perfectly & suits your body type

Welcome to our Blog Series on Saree Blouses.

In this first article of the series, here are some common tips for that perfect fit saree blouse you’ve always dreamt of

Tip#1 - Measurements, Measurements, Measurements!

It seems pretty obvious as the first step to get the fit right.

Interestingly though, in most of the cases, it goes wrong at this stage itself. The tailor is to be blamed – yes, if he hasn’t measured you properly. But at times, you yourself could also be the culprit!

The most important aspect that you need to keep in mind is to wear the right inners when giving your measurements. Make sure you know your bra size well so that the cups can be fitted accordingly. Wear that bra when going for measurements. Do NOT wear a sports bra or any other loose kind of inners.

And there is the skill of your Tailor to take the right measurements. From shoulder to midriff, there are 12 or so measurements required, with everything from depth of the neck to the size of the back at the top, middle and bottom taken into account.

In my own boutique, we not only follow a comprehensive 15 point Fit Profile for a Saree Blouse but we also insist on the right kind of Inners when taking measurements

comprehensive measurement points for saree blouse stitching

Tip#2 - Getting the Fabric-Design combination right

When you pick a design for your blouse, the fabric matters most. Consult your boutique if the selected design will go well with the blouse fabric.

In case you are buying the blouse fabric separately, avoid stiff or hard fabrics else the blouse will appear raised from the body. Both Silk and Cotton fabrics work best for the blouse. Depending upon your Saree, you could also go for a Printed Fabric or a Brocade fabric to add some variety

Variety of fabric options for saree blouse available at the boutique

Blouses made of fabrics like sequins or georgette should be lined. No matter how thick the fabric is, make sure there is lining inside because sequinned fabric pricks the skin and georgette rips easily

It is also important to choose the fabric for lining wisely. Cotton works best but make sure it is washed before stitching. If you don’t have time to wash, then go for linen as it doesn’t shrink. Choose the perfect colour and material for your lining as well.

At our boutique, we save the botheration for our customers, by always using pre-shrunk premium quality lining.

Tip#3 - Choosing the right Design

Select Design that suit your body type. There are different necklines and sleeves to choose to flatter your body type well. Most Blouses look good with a Sweetheart or Rounded Neckline. Do not go for deep neckline if you have broad shoulders or a Heavy Bust.

If you feel like your back isn’t too toned, get a keyhole/peek-a-boo design instead of going backless

Tailors these days want to put a dori on every blouse they make! But not all blouses need it. Some can do without one too.

Deep Necklines or Backless blouses will surely need it, else the shoulder keeps on falling. So, decide if your design actually needs it – or consult your designer if you’re getting this done at a boutique

Another useful hack is to add hookup buttons inside your blouse at the shoulders, to hook your bra strap with your blouse. It’s an extremely useful tip to ensure your bra straps don’t peep out no matter how much you dance!

Stylish back designs for saree blouses with tassel or latkans

I hope you found these useful.

Stay tuned for more tips on Saree Blouse Blog Series. Coming up next are some useful tips for getting your Padded Blouse right

Anamika Soni

Anamika Soni

Fashion Designer at Lavender, The Boutique

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