How to get Your Padded Blouse Design Right

Padded Blouse design, if done well, looks beautiful on Every Body Type. Here are some Tips to get a Modern, Celebrity Style Blouse you've always dreamt of..
Padded Saree Blouses worn by Bollywood actresses

You have probably experienced this before.

You purchased an amazing Designer Saree & are now looking for a classy blouse to go with it. You scanned dozens of designs on websites, pinterest etc – in a pursuit to find something that is modern and sexy enough to flaunt your waist, arms and back, and yet modest enough to pass through the radar of your conservative grandma and aunts!

You finally converge on a padded blouse design & hand it over to a Tailor who promises to deliver the exact replica of the design. The end result however is so disappointing that you want to cry. Tailor stitched padded blouses are typically ill-fitted, look shoddy (the pad seems to have been attached separately) & the busts feels loose.

Sometimes the experiences are so bad, that many women shy away from getting any padded design for themselves in future. In a few cases, they even think that padded blouses probably do not suit their body type

The fact however is that padded blouses, if done well, look beautiful on every body type & every skin tone. They fit well, give a nice shape and are comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your bra strap showing or falling as the bra is not required in such blouses.

In this 2nd article of our Blouse Blog Series, Let us see how to get your padded blouse right

#1 - Find the right Boutique

Ask women across India to recommend a tailor who can stitch that perfect padded saree blouse and you are most likely to hear them say they are still looking for one!

Let’s get this straight.

Unless you are one of the few lucky ones, there is no-way just a tailor alone can create a padded designer blouse that looks good & fits you perfectly. You need an expert – a Designer to supervise the Tailor.

No, I’m not saying this because I run a Designer Boutique myself – I say this because I’m aware of the technicalities involved in creating a Modern Perfectly Fitting Padded Blouse. There is the thinking of a Designer coupled with the craftsmanship of an experienced tailor that goes behind creating a masterpiece.

best designer boutique in bangalore

#2 - Get Comfortable with the style

Not everybody is comfortable with Padded Blouses, if you havent been used to it.

So the first step is to get comfortable with it – try out some designs at a nearby shop/ boutique to assess your comfort levels. Don’t go for it, if you do not feel comfortable wearing it

Sleeveless and Trendy Padded Blouse design with a Saree

Once you’ve decided to go for it, make sure that you also try some sample designs made by the boutique where you are planning to get it stitched. Not every boutique may have the right understanding to create a padded blouse & you should not end up having a ‘tailor like’ experience as before

#3 - Check the Quality of Construction

The fitting of the blouse is the most important. If it is loose and baggy, it cannot (and must not!) be worn. Make sure you know your bra size well so that the cups can be fitted accordingly. A lot of tailors use the same size of cups for all blouses, but a good boutique will ask you for the right cup size.

When you wear the blouse and raise your hands, the cup should not rise or fall and the sleeves should be loose enough to move your arms – this is the best way to check the fitting

It is important that the Boutique uses the right quality of pads – so that it holds the bust properly & does not crumble after a wash.

Good padded blouses must be always be done with done with a “double lining” from inside – on both sides of the pad, so that it is seamless with the blouse and is held at the right place.

Thin Microdot Fusing must be necessarily used – it helps the bust maintain its crisp shape and lines after pressing

Padded designer blouse stitched to perfection

And then there are many other small things that goes behind a well designed, perfectly fitting blouse. Do check our other articles on the Blouse Blog Series.

Wish you all the very best with your next Padded Blouse – hope you get a good one this time!

Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta

Founder & Lead Designer at Lavender, The Boutique

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