Janmashtami outfit for an adorable Krishna

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing our client, Sangeeta’s son in Krishna's outfit designed by us for the occasion of Janmashtami
Young boy dressed up as Lord Krishna in an outfit design by Lavender, The Boutique

Janmashtami commemorates the earthly appearance of Lord Krishna, who is described in India’s sacred writings as God Himself. On this auspicious day, parents are excited about dressing up their little ones as Lord Krishna on this festive occasion. Our client, Sangeeta also wished to see her son in Lord Krishna’s outfit on this day

While designing kids’ wear, our team of designers always ensures there is a fun element incorporated into it. And since Lord Krishna in stories is known for his fun and notorious nature, this outfit demands to have more fun elements to it

Lord Krishna is usually depicted as wearing a yellow silk dhoti with zari border in many books and other sources. For our little Kaanha, we wanted to do something unique and playful. We choose a set of more vibrant colors. We designed a playful outfit comprising of a dhoti in peacock blue color and added a shalya (stole) in bright pink color made out of taffeta silk fabric

We wanted to embellish this outfit a little more but also keeping in mind our client, Sangeeta’s son must not feel burdened and uncomfortable in it, we added a lightweight golden lace around the dhoti and the Shalya enhancing the color of the outfit

kid dressed in peacock blue dhoti and a pink shalya. Playing with a flute
bare chested young boy with ornaments, a flute & a dhoti tied on his waist
Young kid fully dressed up as Lord Krishna in a stole & dhoti and a peacock feather around his hairs

Sangeeta accessorized the outfit with some beautiful jewelry pieces, a peacock feather(morpankh) and a flute. We truly admit that this was a unique experience and a great pleasure for our team to design an outfit for our client Sangeeta’s adorable son, our little Krishna, for the auspicious festival of Janmashtami

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