First Holy Communion Dress

A premium, custom made, pristine white designer gown for our teenager client, Alwina attending her first holy communion event
A first holy communion dress made for client at Lavender, The Boutique

The Holy Communion, known also as the Lord’s Supper, represents the greatest expression of God’s sacrament of love, a sign of unity, a bond of charity for his people. For a parent to prepare their child for its first holy communion event is a very big deal and an important day in their life. When a family member makes their First Holy Communion, it is an exciting event for the whole family. For our sweet client, Alwina, the day was near and we were ecstatic to design a perfect dress for her special day

Girls’ dresses are ever-awesome with different patterns and colors that catch the eyes and enhance the looks. Since it is a Holy Communion ceremony, our client, Alwina’s parents, wanted to see Alwina in a pristine white dress on this special occasion that reflects the religious spirit of the family on this holy function

White gown dress worn by Teenager Alwina who is posing against a white background

Even though there are a diverse range of silhouette that can be considered while choosing the perfect gown, there are multiple factors which affects the design process and for this scenario, one of the factor was the occasion. We wanted to keep the look stylish and trendy without crossing the barriers of modesty. So, keeping in mind the occasion, age and body shape of our client, we designed an A-line floor-length silhouette with a little flare at the hem for Alwina. We used organza fabric as the top layer and to add a little sheen to the look, we placed satin underneath. A Chinese collar to the dress with an illusion neckline gave it a classic and a modest look

In general, illusion neckline dresses are a great alternative to the strapless dresses that have been a classic choice when it comes to an occasion as such holy communion and weddings. This is a classic trend even in Christian bridal dresses. Illusion necklines are versatile when it comes to style. They instantly transform the outfit into a vintage look. We included cap sleeves and intricate embroidery work made out of beadings and pearls on the dress yoke

Alwina looked dreamy and graceful in this floating designer gown and it has captured that innocence on her face perfectly

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