A Fashion Designer’s Guide to choose the Perfect Bridal Lehenga

Wedding is a lifetime event & your bridal lehenga needs to steal the limelight. Make sure that you do not spoil your 'dream look' with a wrong choice.
Variety of Wedding Lehenga Blouses with different shapes & cuts

There’s nothing that’s more important and more difficult than finding this “dream” wedding lehenga. After all, it will be the most luxurious & most photographed piece of clothing that you’ll ever wear

Make sure however, that you do not spoil your ‘dream look’ with a wrong choice. Everyone has a unique personality and body type – hence it’s important to choose a dress that will enhance your personality even more.

Before you start your hunt, check out these tips to create that dream look that best suits you..

Types of Lehenga

Wedding Lehenga with fabric panels attached to give volume

Panelled or "Kali Wala" Lehenga

Horizontal panels of fabrics are attached along the flare of the lehenga due to which the volume of the flare is increased. It can be made more colourful by using contrasting set of fabrics

A-Line Lehenga

In shape of the alphabet “A”, this is tight on the waist and the Flare increases progressively towards the bottom

A-Line Cut Lehenga Blouse style
A pleated lehenga with large flare, worn by a bride

Flared or Pleated Lehenga

Made from numerous pleats which gives it a lot of volume and a large Flare

Circular Cut Lehenga

The Oldest Traditional form of Lehenga with a very large Flare. It is made gorgeous with Heavy Embroidery & Heavy Border. You should choose a fabric with a good ‘flow’ for this type of lehenga

A bride wearing a circular cut lehenga with blouse
A layered bridal lehenga with an asymmetrical hemline

Layered Lehenga

Also called asymmetrical lehenga, it has several ‘layers’ of fabric beautifully draped around, forming flares of different sizes

Fish Cut Lehenga

One of the most popular styles, appreciated the world over for its beautiful silhouette and vibrant look. As the name suggests, this is shaped like a Fish – tight on waist & hips, till the knee & then flares out

Stylish Maroon colour fish cut lehenga worn by a bride

Having understood the forms of Lehenga, here are some tips to get the right one made as per your body type. Get your favourite boutique to suggest you designs that they can tailor make & style it to your requirements. Download the Infographic below and bookmark it for reference later

An Infographic showing lehenga type recommendations for different body types

Color of your dress can completely transform the entire bridal look. Color plays a significant role in enhancing your skin tone. If wrongly chosen, it can make you look dull and dark too. Therefore, the selection of the right lehenga color according to your skin tone is essential

Here are some tips:

Brides with a Fair Skintone could use bright colours such as Pink, Emerald Green, Turquoise Blue (Firozi) & all shades of Red

You should avoid using colours like Dark Brown, Burnt Orange etc as that would make you look dull

A fair skin tone bride wearing a bright colour lehenga blouse
Peach Colour wedding Lehenga on a wheatish skin tone bride

If you have a Wheatish Skin Tone, you could try slightly lighter shade colours such as Peach, Warm Pink, Light Gold, Turquoise Blue (Firozi), Chili Red etc

For Dark Skin Tone, would suggest colours like Medium Red, Apple Red & Deep Orange. Avoid using bright colours as your skin tone will get highlighted with that

deep orange colour lehenga on a dark skin tone bride

I hope you find these tips useful.

All the very best with the dream look selection – do share your thoughts/ comments/ questions & will be happy to answer them

Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta

Founder & Lead Designer at Lavender, The Boutique

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