#3 Important Tips for your Bridal Blouse Designs

Your Wedding Blouse plays an important role on your overall Bridal Look. Almost every photograph will carry it. Follow these important tips to get it right.
Bridal Blouse designs worn by celebrities and Bollywood actresses

In this 3rd article of our Blouse Blog series, here are a few tips when getting your wedding blouse stitched

#1 - Look for Neat Embroidery Finish

No matter what type of embroidery pattern you choose, make sure that the Hand work is Neat & is being done using High Quality Material

Blouse Embroidery design on a Frame or adda

Check Neatness of work by looking at earlier samples of work done by the Boutique. If there are creases of fabric in between patterns – it is time for you to look for an alternate place!

Inspect the material that will be used for the pattern you select – Laces, Beads, Sequins, Stones, Wires etc. Premium Quality Material will not only give good shine & look, but will also last longer. Some wedding boutiques these days compromise on the quality to cut costs – but the end result neither looks nice nor does the shine stay after a few washes.

#2 - Secure a Perfect Fit

The importance of Fitting cannot be stressed enough. Bigger or Smaller, Tight or Loose, Drooping Shoulder, Creased Armholes, uneven seams, ugly pipin – anything could go wrong & spoil your occasion

Before you place the order,

Try out a few samples of the Blouses done by the Boutique. It may not be your exact size, but it will certainly give you an idea of the Fit & Finish you should expect from the place.

Always advisable to get a Trial Blouse done to your size, before you give the main one. Make sure that the Trial Blouse is of a similar type – for example get a Padded Blouse stitched for Trial, if you are planning to get a padded Bridal done for your wedding

Consider “timing” of the measurements. You may be on a diet plan before your marriage & getting the measurements done too soon may be risky, if you are likely to lose weight close to the event. Some boutiques, like ours, have a provision to do a final fitting close to your marriage date also

A designer wedding blouse for a lehenga. A Sabyasachi creation

Image Source: Sabyasachi

Read more on Blouse Fittings in our earlier articles on this Blouse Blog Series

#3 - Check other Embellishments/ Styles that enhance your design

Consult your Designer on Styling Options to enhance the appeal of your blouse

A tassel or latkan that has been embroidered and embellished on the blouse

If your lehenga is heavy & you are getting a simple Blouse done – see if you should try Embroidered Tassels (‘latkans’) to go with it.

Or get an embroidery patch done in a corner only, if you are not going for a fully embroidered blouse.

Take advice from your designer on the cut for sleeve – it is not necessary to always have round ended sleeves for blouses. You could, for instance, try a V shape Cut also for the sleeves.

Similarly for the waist – check what would better suit the design you’ve selected

For a good look, we always advise for Padded Blouses – provided it is done well. Better to try out a couple of padded blouses made by the Boutique, before going for it. For better styling, you could choose to go for an eye shaped pad, instead of the normal ones. Read more on Padded Blouses in our article here

Hope you find these tips useful. Let me know if there any questions/ comments – will be more than happy to answer them to my best. Do read up more on Saree Blouses in our Blouse Blog Series

Wish you a very Happy Married Life ahead!

Shweta William Jaiswal

Shweta William Jaiswal

Senior Fashion Designer at Lavender, The Boutique

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