Upcycle clothing, the art of repurposing your old clothes

Transform those pieces that aren't worthy of the donation bin - to a Modern Dress. Use Innovative Ways to Repurpose Old Clothes - give them a new life!
Old clothes re-designed and upcycled to Modern Designer Clothing

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Do you always run out of choices while getting ready for a function? Do you struggle with managing your old clothes as they take more room in your wardrobe? Do you run to the market to buy a new dress every time you need to attend any special celebration? Don’t worry you aren’t alone in this race. Most of the women deal with having too many clothes but lesser choices to wear

A typical Indian women wardrobe have endless number of clothing. Sadly, most of these clothes are either too outdated to wear or you have worn them too many times to repeat. Every time you plan on revamping your closet, these old but cherished clothes block a lucrative corner of the wardrobe, willingly or unwillingly

How long are you going to admire those clothes that make no fashion sense now? Imagine replacing them with something that is trendy and suits your now body better. Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you agree with the idea, you need to work out on making value out of your old and outdated clothes. Why not upcycle your clothes to get something worth wearing to the next family wedding or college function. Upcycle is an amazing way to revamp your old clothes, it also helps the environment 

Upcycle clothing: Revamping your old clothes

Modern Long Dresses that have been created from old fashion sarees

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Just like we said, we all have a pile of party wear dresses or any other western dress that aren’t trendy anymore. Upcycle clothing helps in reusing such clothes in a way that they meet the demand of the latest fashion and help you use your precious stuff all over again. It is basically an art to redesign fashionable clothes from existing, outdated clothes of your wardrobe.

“The art of creating a Modern Dress out of unused clothing is surely a great deal for every fashion loving women.”

Why upcycle clothing?

Well, if you have any ethnic wear or saree blouse design that you cannot wear anymore because it is outdated, you need to upcycle clothing. With upcycle clothing, you can wear your favorite Anarkali dress once again, without losing your fashion sense. Most of the times, parting ways with your favorite apparel becomes tough. It can be the emotional or monetary value associated with the apparel or maybe it is something that you always loved but doesn’t fit your body measurement anymore, the reasons for not letting go of these garments are never-ending. Upcycle clothing is the solution for all such problems

A Salwar suit and one piece dress created from old saree

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If you have bought too many sarees in your bridal trousseau and couldn’t find occasions to wear them all, upcycle clothing again comes up as a solution. You can also opt for upcycle clothing if you have something that is too heavy or expensive to wear on any random occasion. You cannot just sit and wait to get a perfect opportunity to wear a dress, just UPCYCLE

Upcycled Clothing: the limitless options of revamping your old dress to the latest fashion apparel

Changing your old and outdated clothes to trendy and new clothing is simpler than ever. Though it can’t be done on your own and you will need expert advice. Getting your favorite dress back in wearable conditions is worth everything. You do not have to repent your decision of buying an expensive Anarkali dress or churidar anymore, upcycling helps you make the best use of it, provided you get in touch with the best professionals of the field. Here are a few ways you can upcycle your old and rarely used clothing:

Heavy Saree and Blouse

Most of the married ladies have that one or maybe two sarees which are way to heavy in embroidery and same is their blouse. Well, you were a bride then but now, you cannot wear it to any function because it will make you look overdressed. With upcycling, you have two options:

I. Convert it into an Anarkali Dress:
An experienced boutique can help you with this. You will need a few meters of extra fabric and the expertise of an expert to reuse the heavy embroidery of the saree in the best way to make you an Anarkali dress.

II. Make it a lehenga:
Yes, this is p