From Dupattas to Capes – Different ways to style your Lehenga Dress

Found the perfect lehenga dress but not sure how to style it? Perk up your outfit with the right dupatta, belt or jacket using our styling guide
style your lehenga dress with different kinds of separates

Source: South India Fashion

Impeccable styling is what transforms separate pieces of clothing into a complete outfit, and styling your lehenga with the right dupatta, belt or jacket is what will set it apart. In the world of fashion, some garments like a lehenga choli, covers only certain parts of the body and therefore need to be paired with other ‘separates’ to create a full outfit. In terms of ethnic wear, separates comprise of dupattas, belts, jackets, and capes, to name a few. When it comes to choosing the separates to go with your bridal or party wear lehenga, you have to marry creativity with comfort, and colours with cohesiveness. Here are some tips on how to pick out the perfect separates to complement your stunning lehenga

Ace the Dupatta Game with these Styles

Break the Monotony with a Vibrant Contrast Dupatta

A yellow colour dupatta to style your lehenga dress in red


If the skirt and blouse of your lehenga have a muted colour or design, then you can opt for a contrast dupatta in a vibrant colour to add more personality to the outfit. A contrast dupatta in a bright colour will make the outfit look more youthful, while a contrast dupatta in a pastel colour will look elegant while breaking the monotony of the ensemble

Look Classy in a Monochromatic Look

a white dupatta that complements the white lehenga & white blouse.. Embellished with golden colour embroidery


You can go down the classic route with a monochromatic look where the lehenga, blouse and dupatta all match each other. You can add a modern twist to the monochromatic look by avoiding the traditional reds and pinks and opting for a pastel, off-white or earthy-toned lehenga

A Balancing Act with a Matching Dupatta and Blouse

A black dupatta & blouse contrasts the orange colour skirt to style your lehenga dress

Source: shopkund

Matching the colour of the dupatta with the blouse to create a contrast with the skirt of the lehenga is a great way to balance the hues of the outfit. If you have fallen in love with a lehenga in a shade that is a little too pale or dull for your skin tone then you can opt for a deeper, vibrant colour for your blouse and dupatta to make sure that you don’t look washed out in the final outfit

Make The Blouse Pop with a Contrast Dupatta and Skirt

a green blouse contrasts the pink colour of the lehenga skirt & the dupatta

Source: TamannaWorld

If you are opting for a statement blouse in a contrasting colour to the lehenga, then you can match the dupatta with the skirt to bring the outfit together in a cohesive manner. This will ensure that while the blouse pops, it doesn’t look out of place because the dupatta will tie it together with the lehenga

Go All Out with the Double Dupatta Look

Two dupattas work with a ghagra choli in traditional style

Source: shaadisaga

The double dupatta trend for bridal lehengas is here to stay because it is the perfect amalgamation of comfort and style. You can opt for a lighter dupatta to drape over your head so that it does not weigh you down and use a heavier dupatta to drape around your body to create an embellished look. You can match the colours of the two dupattas or create a contrast, depending on the overall colour palette you are aiming for

Easy-Breezy Styling with a Pre-draped Dupatta

A pleated dupatta in yellow is stitched together to style your lehenga dress in yellow

Source: kalkifashion

Don’t want to fuss over carefully draping the dupatta? Opt for pre-draped dupattas that come folded to perfection. You will be able to get ready in a jiffy without a drape out of place! Just pin the pleated dupatta on your shoulder and voila, you are ready to rock the party!

5 Factors to Keep in Mind

when selecting a dupatta


If you want your blouse’s design or your hair style to be visible through the dupatta then make sure to opt for a sheer fabric such as net


If you are a bride who will be draping the dupatta over her head, then avoid very heavy materials such as velvet and heavily embellished fabrics too. A light dupatta will prevent your neck from hurting and won’t make you sweaty either


You can customize the embellishments on your dupatta depending on how grand or simple you want the outfit to be. Embroidery, sequin work, and gota borders are some of the options you can consider


With customized dupattas, you can alter the length of the fabric as per your height and the draping style that you are planning to go for


From royal shawl style drapes to comfortable Gujarati style drapes, the options are endless, but will dictate the final look and suitability of a particular dupatta. Here are some draping styles that you can choose from before picking the appropriate dupatta

Style it up with Edgy Jackets

A dark grey colour lehenga skirt paired with a full sleeve blouse in same colour and a matching jacket attached to the dress

Source: ninecolours

Pair a jacket with your lehenga to add oodles of oomph to the outfit. A structured jacket can provide an edgy makeover to a traditional lehenga and can be a clever way to layer up for winter weddings. You can ask your designer to suggest suitable jacket silhouettes that will work well with the design of your lehenga

Don a Flowy Cape for Feminine Appeal

Want to add a modern yet feminine touch to your lehenga? A cape is the way to go. Capes add a flowy element to the upper half of the outfit and mask heavier arms. They are light-weight and breezy, and can be a summer-appropriate alternative to a jacket

A peach colour cape in transparent net attached to a golden blouse paired with a peach colour lehenga

Source: aashniandco

Belt your Lehenga to Flaunt your Waist

A light blouse lehenga blouse is styled with a same colour belt

Source: shaadiwish

Are you worried that your figure may get drowned in the heavy outfit? Cinching your dupatta with a belt will not only help to keep it in place but will also help to define your waist, giving you a taller and slimmer appearance. This is why belts have become popular accompaniments to lehengas and are being flaunted by modern brides with panache

Add Drama with a Detachable Train

Make a grand entrance at your wedding with a lehenga that has an eye-catching train that sweeps the floor behind you. Opt for a detachable train so that you can remove it later to be more comfortable while walking around or dancing in the outfit

A gown like train is attached to the bridal lehenga design from Designer Ammara Khan

Source: Ammara Khan


From our designers


Your hairstyle will also determine how the dupatta sits on your head and its appropriate length. Let your designer know the hairstyle you are planning for the event so that they can suggest you dupattas and draping styles accordingly


Shoes are an integral part of the outfit and you cannot style a lehenga without them. Here are some ideas on how to pick the right footwear to enhance the beauty of your outfit

It is not just one or two, but so many different elements that need to come together for a gorgeous lehenga outfit. We hope that our expert tips will help you pick the most phenomenal separates for your lehenga to look your marvelous best on D-day!

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