Repurposed Old Saree to Anarkali Dress

Repurpose Your Favourite Old Saree, Dupatta or Dress into a Modern, Trendy Designer Outfit that looks elegant & Fits you Perfectly
an example of upcycled womens clothing

Take a look at the Anarkali Dress below.. Appealing Design, nice colour combination, stylish & modern… But so what?

There are several other similar dresses available from loads of retailers.. What is so special about it?

What if I told you that this was a re-design from an old Saree & Blouse probably purchased more than a decade ago & has been lying unused since then… Sounds Familiar? Read on..

Wardrobe full of old sarees and traditional ethnic wear

Photo Courtesy: The Delhi Walla

Poonam, a very close friend & a regular customer at Lavender, The Boutique was often sore about dresses, especially Sarees that has been in her wardrobe since her marriage and she would neither wear them nor would part with them for emotional reasons…

We asked her to bring them along…

She came back in a few days with a Chanderi Cotton Saree with a matching Brocade Blouse… Fortunately, not an outdated style but do understand Poonam’s problem in not having an occasion nor the willingness to wear Sarees in parties/ social meets

Given that Anarkali is the fashion now in 2017, we designed this outfit. We cut the Saree in Circular Cut, opened up the blouse and attached the two. A lame material plain Border was attached on the flair & an embroidery patch added to the Yoke..

We also decided to make this gorgeous with a contrast colour Orange Duppata with mirror work hand embroidery

Floor length anarkali dress re-designed from old saree

The result was amazing!

Vikas (Poonam’s husband) still doesn’t know that his birthday gift 10 years ago, has now had a make-over!

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Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta

Founder & Lead Designer at Lavender, The Boutique

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